John Edwards Indicted by Federal Grand Jury

As expected, former Sen. John Edwards has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges he inappropriately used campaign funds to conceal a lengthy affair.

The affair with Rielle Hunter has proven costly for Edwards, both professionally and personally. Edwards initially denied the affair, and then admitted the extramarital indiscretion but denied fathering Hunter’s child. Eventually, he came clean about all of those things, but now denies using campaign money to cover up the transgression. Edwards stated:

“I had nothing to do with any money being paid, and no knowledge of any money being paid, and if something was being paid, it wasn’t being paid on my behalf,” Edwards said.

Lawyers for the former Senator maintain the coverup was funded by friends of Edwards who wished to keep the affair secret from Edwards’ wife Elizabeth, who succumbed to breast cancer in December. In total, it is estimated that the cost to conceal the politician’s relationship with Hunter and her pregnancy topped $1 million.

If Edwards accepts a deal today, he can avoid time in prison- however, doing so would risk forfeiting his license to practice law.