Dinesh D’Souza Releases Trailer For New Film – ‘America’

Dinesh D’Souza just released the trailer for America, a film about “true patriotism.” The controversial producer quotes political theorist Edmund Burke’s classic definition of patriotism in the movie. Burke felt that loving your country should be focus not because the nation is yours, but because it is good. D’Souza’s America revolves around the premise that the liberal, progressive mindset is based upon a belief that “theft and plunder” is the foundation of the United States. The moviemakers goal is to debunk such a point of view.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Dinesh D’Souza faces federal campaign finance charges. The conservative author was indicted last week on charges which allege that he was using straw donors to funnel money into the coffers of a Senate candidate. The filmmaker’s attorney stated during a press conference that his client is innocent and that the campaign funds for his college pal is “at worst an act of misguided friendship” and there was no criminal intent whatsoever involved with the donations.

D’Souza has penned more than a dozen books highlighting his views on American politics and religion. Some supporters and political watchdogs claim that the author/producer was targeted by the federal for his political views and prior derogatory comments about President Barack Obama. When discussing America, D’Souza said, “I want to take this progressive, leftist critique head on.” The film will feature recreations of major events in United States history. The movie is expected to be released around July 4.


A previous Dinesh D’Souza film, 2016: Obama’s America included an interview with President Obama’s half-brother, George Obama. The questions the producer asks the president’s brother why still lives in extreme poverty when his half-brother is the “leader of the free world.” “I think he has a family of his own. I’m a member of his family, but I’m over-age, so I help myself,” George Obama stated during the documentary footage. When pressed further by D’Souze to expand upon the topic, George Obama notes that Barack Obama “has other issues to deal with” and that his half-brother is “taking care of the world, so he’s taking care of me.”

The main focus of 2016: Obama’s America is the president’s alleged anger at “colonialism” which the filmmakers believe he inherited from the Kenyan born father he shares with George. In D’Souza’s book which he used as a basis for the film, he writes about the president’s father: “This philandering, inebriated African socialist, who raged against the world for denying him the realization of his anti-colonial ambitions, is now setting the nation’s agenda through the reincarnation of his dreams in his son.”