Sony Pictures Network Hacked, One Million Accounts Affected

Sony is having no luck protecting their networks and the information of their customers lately, first the Playstation Network is taken down and now more than one million user accounts have been compromised in an attack on Sony Pictures servers.

According to hacker group LulzSec they “compromised over 1,000,000 users’ personal information” and they also note that they were able to gain access to that information using “a very simple SQL injection.”

That hack was reportedly the same one used to breach Sony Music Japan and Sony Music Greece networks over the last two weeks.

When the Sony PlayStation Network was destroyed the company didn’t see any personal user information leaked however Lulzsec chose to release the username and password combinations for 39,000 email/password accounts and 12,500 accounts with email, password, home address and date of birth.

Sony’s EVP of Global Communications Jim Kennedy released the following statement:

“We are looking into these claims.”

Here’s an idea Sony, hire some real hackers to find exploits in your system, this is getting ridiculous.