Cristiano Ronaldo Presents Ballon D’Or In Front Of Real Madrid Fans [Photos]

It appears Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t wait to show off his Ballon d’Or to the loyal Real Madrid fans that have stood by him through his campaign to become the best soccer player in the world.

A packed house cheered on their champion and welcomed him to the field with a gigantic CR7 sign — a combination of his initials and jersey number is known for — as he dedicated the trophy to Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo had been waiting to win the award again for four-years and had to stand aside for arch rival Lionel Messi.

But the trophy presentation wasn’t the only thrill the 80,000 people attending the match at the Santiago Bernabeu had on Saturday, the Portuguese star scored his 22nd goal — which tops La Liga.

This gives Real Madrid the lead — tentatively — after they defeated Granada 2-0.

In a spectacular overhead kick, Cristiano Ronaldo almost scored and Granada was saved only by an incredible save.

Check out the photo:

Cristiano Ronaldo: "It would have been one of the best goals of my career"

— SocialRMadrid (@SocialRMadrid) January 26, 2014

It was Cristiano Ronaldo’s day at Bernabeu, not only because of the league-leading goal, but his special acknowledgement of his teammates.

The striker is known to shed a tear or two during special occasions, as he did when the legendary Pele presented him with the Ballon d’Or as the best soccer player of last year, however, on Saturday he kept his emotions in check and enjoyed the moment at home.

“I’m very happy because my fans have helped me so much during these past years,” Ronaldo said. “The Ballon d’Or is for the equipment managers, the trainers … for all the people who work for Real Madrid. It’s for everyone.”

There is no question — like it or not — that this is Cristiano Ronaldo’s time to shine in the spotlight and he could top it all with a World Cup title, later this year in Brazil.