‘Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills’ Stars Insist They All Have Jobs And Goals

The stars of the reality series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills want everyone to know that they have jobs and goals. Contrary to what you may have heard, they’re not spoiled brats.

Based on the popular Tumblr blog Rich Kids of Instagram, the reality TV show follows the adventures of several youngsters who frequently spend more money in a year than many of us will see in our entire lives. Although the E! series is quite popular with viewers, some folks believe it’s spreading a very bad message.

While promoting an upcoming episodes, a few stars of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills addressed concerns that they spend way too much time bragging about having cash that really belongs to their wealthy parents. Some audience members also took issue with the program’s emphasis on materialism and excess.

Despite their penchant for extravagant things, the cast members insist they’re not directionless layabouts who don’t contribute anything to society. In fact, a few of them claim to have steady employment and ambitions that aren’t centered around how much of their parents’ money they can spend at any given moment.

“The title of the show is a little bit stressful for all of us. I think it’s made us live up to a lot of things that we aren’t 100 percent comfortable with putting out there. It’s not like we’re five kids that just don’t have any goals and have nothing to do or nothing to work for,” Rich Kids of Beverly Hills cast member Morgan Stewart explained.

She added, “Putting yourself out there in an arena and showcasing how fortunate you are, I think, rubs people the wrong way. I’m really happy with the way the show’s panned out and the more people watch the more they will relax with their negativity. You can take the Gaza Strip seriously. They don’t need to take this reality show that seriously.”

When Wetpaint asked Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star Jonny Drubel about the show’s biggest criticisms, he remarked that people frequently believe they don’t have jobs. Contrary to popular belief, Drubel is actually getting a start in the songwriting business.

“People get upset because we quote, ‘don’t work.’ In fact, we all have jobs. It’s the biggest misconception. Brendan sold his first house when he was 18 years old. I think that every single person whose criticizing him has never done that, and will probably never do that in their whole entire life,” he explained.

Drubel added, “Roxy’s in the interior design business, Morgan’s blog is taking off. Dorothy has not only worked for her parents’ company, but she’s starting her own businesses.”

Are you a fan of E!’s reality series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills? What do you think about the misconceptions surrounding the show’s cast members?