Tito Ortiz Naked Photo Placed On His Own Hacked Twitter Account

It’s one thing to have your Twitter account hacked, it’s a whole new ballgame when the hacker then places one of your own nude photos on the account and that’s exactly what happened on Thursday to MMA fighter Tito Ortiz.

During the afternoon hours a full frontal nude pic of Ortiz appeared on his account for all of his followers to witness.

The photo, seen above without the “lower body” portion of the photo shows Tito in what looks like a log cabin without any clothes.

Some fans of the star fighter say it’s a fake, while the blurry nature could be caused by the use of a cell phone.

Ortiz didn’t respond to the nature of the photo, simply Tweeting:

“Someone hack my [expletive] phone.” and “Sorry people.”

Tito found out about the leaked photo and hacked Twitter account while he was working out in his new “Punishment Training Center.”

When will celebrities learn not to take nude photos on their camera phone, perhaps he should have learned a lesson from Blake Lively even if Lively’s photos were fake.