Leslie Nielsen Had Fart Joke Etched Into His Tombstone

It was a sad day last year when Airplane and Naked Gun mastermind Leslie Nielsen passed away on November 28, 2010, but as a final gesture to his silly attitude towards life and his love for fart jokes it looks like he left us one last reminder of his love for life.

On Nielsen’s tombstone which was recently revealed he had the words “Let ‘er Rip” etched for everyone to see.

Nielsen when on the set of his movies and even when off the set loved to tell fart jokes and use whoopee cushions as much as possible so it seems just right that he would leave this world with one last permanent fart joke.

But let’s be honest, his tombstone isn’t just about a final fart joke, but rather a statement to have fun with life and to not let it hold you down…actually it’s probably just a final fart joke, just the way Nielsen wanted it.