NFL Jerseys: Choosing The Right Jersey For Your Super Bowl Party

NFL jerseys are a way for fans everywhere to support their favorite team. But what happens when you are invited to a Super Bowl party and your favorite team isn’t playing? We suggest picking one of the bestselling NFL jerseys this season and becoming either a Seahawks or Broncos fan for one night.

The Seattle Seahawks are emerging as the most popular team in America heading into the Super Bowl. At Super Bowl parties around the country next Sunday, the Seahawks jerseys are sure to be well represented. But if you are going to be joining the 12th man as a Seahawks fan next weekend, which NFL jerseys should you get?

If you prefer to be the leader in the room, go with Seattle Quarterback Russell Wilson’s jersey. He ranks number two on the hottest selling NFL jerseys, according to data from’s shop. With a sleek number three on your chest, the jersey will be simple, and everyone will know who you are when the game comes on.

Maybe you’re more of the “ground and pound” type who likes to eat skittles. Then perhaps Marshawn Lynch’s number 24 is more your type. Make sure you have bulging biceps to go with your new NFL jersey if you decide to go “Beast Mode”. Be warned, if you do decide to wear number 24 and eat skittles, you might have a strange urge to run people over at your Super Bowl party. Not a good idea if you want to be invited back next year.

The number ten best selling jersey on might be for you if you like to talk smack, yell at nice ladies, and have a chip on your shoulder. That’s right, you could be sporting Richard Sherman’s colorful number 25 next Sunday. But if you do, be prepared to talk, a lot. Make sure you get in the face of every Broncos fan, swat slices of pizza out of people’s mouth, and walk around confidently proclaiming, “I’m the greatest!”

Deciding to go with the Seattle Seahawks for your Super Bowl jersey may seem like a good idea on the surface, because they are so popular. But buyers should also consider that everyone else will likely be jumping on the bandwagon. Why not play the villain and go a different route? That’s right, get the number one selling NFL jersey in the league right now, Peyton Manning.

If you talk with a southern drawl, like the city of Omaha, and laugh at the corniest commercials, then by all means go ahead and pick up Manning’s jersey. All the Seahawk bandwagon fans will boo you, and the guy wearing the Richard Sherman jersey will be trying to intercept all of your conversations, food, and probably your girlfriend, as well. But at the end of the night, when the Broncos win the Super Bowl, you will be left standing and smiling. And just before your leave, hold your index finger high in the air, look at all the Seahawks jerseys in the room, and simply say, “Omaha”. Then fade off into the sunset.

So which NFL jerseys will you be wearing next Sunday?