Ricky Rubio is finally coming to Minnesota and the NBA

There is a universal rule that covers all sports. That is bad teams make bad decisions on draft day. Two years ago the Minnesota Timberwolves used the fifth overall pick on Point Guard Ricky Rubio. Rubio was playing professionally in Europe and declined to come to the States and play for the Timberwolves. Instead of getting an impact player with the fifth pick the T’ Wolves got nothing. Now it looks like Rubio will finally be coming to town, but his impact will not be great.

Rubio strikes me as one of these selfish, me first kind of players that makes decisions solely based on money. Sure as a professional money is a key factor but as a point guard with no jump shot being a me first kind of guy just isn’t going to work. The T’Wolves drafted him because he is a big guy to play the one spot, but I don’t think his skill level will translate to the NBA very well.

His last year with FC Barcelona he averaged 6.5 points per game, with a shooting percent of just 39. Read that again folks, because there is no way anyone can justify those kind of numbers for a fifth overall pick. Seriously 6.5 PPG and 39% shooting is what it is, and that means he will not do well with Minnesota.

Bad teams do bad thing on draft day and for two years this has been bad for the Timberwolves, I wonder how bad it will get when Rubio actually show up to pay. Not a great way to rebuild a franchise.