Brendan Shanahan to become NHL disiplinarian

Colin Campbell has long bee the man to handle NHL discipline issues. Many hockey fans have thought of him as some super secretive shadow figure who handed down discipline not based on any logic or precedent, but merely on how Campbell felt like reacting to nay given situation. There have been many allegations that he has shown favoritisms to certain players and teams, and the NHL discipline process has been shrouded in secrecy for far too long. Things may be starting to change.

While Campbell is not leaving the NHL all together he is stepping down as league disciplinarian and it looks like Brendan Shanahan will be taking his place. This is an excellent decision and I think Shanahan, a former player, will do a far better job in this role that Campbell could have ever hoped to. Shanahan knows what is flagrant and what is over the line and what is just good hockey. I also so not think he holds any of the prejudiced Campbell may have.

This move may be related to a radio breakdown by Campbell last April. Campbell became very angry and launched into a verbal tirade after being questioned about his motives, and his take on a play. Campbell was very angry that he was being questioned that way, and for a guy in charge of handing out discipline he has got to have thicker skin than that.

The NHL, along with NASCAR, choose to do these things in secret, when we live in a digital age where fans want this kind of information to be public. The NHL does its fans a real disservice for not being more transparent in terms of handing down punishments. Hopefully that trend is starting to change.