Watch New York Rangers Vs. New Jersey Devils Live Online, NHL Hockey From Yankee Stadium

Fans can watch the New York Rangers vs. New Jersey Devils live online as the teams face off from Yankee Stadium in New York.

The game is part of the NHL’s extension of the Winter Classic, the annual outdoor game that has grown into a slate of games in outdoor stadiums. In what could be a prelude to a wintry Super Bowl next week, the two New York metro teams are set to play in cold conditions.

“It was very special to walk out there today, but I think tomorrow when you hear the crowd… you get goose bumps,” said Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist. “It’s a feeling you’re looking for when you play the game. It gives you a lot of adrenaline.

“You try to enjoy that moment, but at the same time you need to be focused on what we have to do. It’s an important game for both teams, and that makes it even more special.”

Faceoff is scheduled at 12:30 pm from Yankee Stadium. The game is being broadcast on NBC, but fans who want to watch the NHL online can also turn to NBC Sports LiveExtra.

Fans who do watch the Watch New York Rangers vs. New Jersey Devils live online will see the teams face off under cold but clear skies, with the high temperature on Sunday expected to be around 20 and no snow in the forecast.

On Saturday, several Rangers got ready for the game by tossing a baseball around on the field. Though they are excited to get the chance to play outside, they said the matchup with their Metropolitan Division rivals has its own importance.

“This was the day where you get to enjoy it, you get to take everything in,” Rangers captain Ryan Callahan said. “We’re all professionals in here and we know when we come to the rink tomorrow there’s two points on the line.”

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