Jared Leto Exposed As A Mega Geek

Back in the mid 90s if someone told you that My So Called Life’s Jordan Catalano was a huge nerd, would you believe it? Jared Leto the actor behind the once dreamy smiley that a 15-year-old Claire Danes fawned all over, is now an Oscar nominated actor for Dallas Buyers Club, and as pointed out by Lisette Mejia of GeekSugar, is also a complete and total geek.

First off, let’s talk about how the actor turned musician decided to name his band 30 Seconds to Mars. The name 30 Seconds to Mars was taken from a lecture about humans and exponential advances in technology. Elaborating during a Virgin Records interview it’s said that the thesis states that we are “quite literally thirty seconds to mars. What it means to us is, we thought it best described our music, in short.”

The name Mars in his band name isn’t a complete coincidence because according to Leto he really loves science, which is another geeky factor in the eccentric’s sensibilities. Now, he’s not geeky about science in a half-baked way. Leto is a real geek even before being geek was even cool. So how do we know this exactly? Well instead of geeking out the way the internet tends to do through random tumblr postings, Leto actually visited Cape Canaveral.

Not convinced that Jared Leto’s geeky sensibilities aren’t what we say they are? Check out Leto’s instagram photo of 30 Seconds to Mars through the capsule of Orion at NASA Johnson Space Center. Just look at Jared’s face. He looks like he’s a five-year-old who just ate an infinite amount of skittles while sitting in a fire truck. He’s that legit in the geekdom world, folks.

Okay so Jared Leto has a penchant for space the way little boys sometimes obsess over dinosaurs, and while some might assume that’s where it ends, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Jared Leto being a geek. He’s also a toy geek who sells rocket toys under the name of “Bartholomew Cubbins.” Seriously, we can’t make this stuff up if we tried, mostly because it’s too inventive to do so. Another cool fact about Jared Leto’s rocket toys is that he signs each of them for his buyers.

Now that we have tackled space and geek toys there’s only one more fact to take us into the frontier of super geek – Leto style. Leto is true to his geekdom because he’s up on apps. We know what you’re thinking, any 13-year-old knows about the latest technology and apps for their smart phone, but Leto goes a step further by reviewing them for the iTunes store.

Here’s a few of his reviews:

Uber: “Now you’re never stuck trying to finding a cab in the New York rain or google-ing for a cab number in Berlin or trying to find local dollars in Sydney. Uber lets you order a car right to you, tells you how long until it arrives, and charges directly to your credit card on file. Good sh-t.”

Viber: “Viber is an easy way to keep in contact with friends when I’m away. Great design. Great UX. They make it easy fun and even funny.”

If that’s not enough to convince take it from his self-proclaimed “nerdy friend” also known at MTV correspondent Josh Horowitz.

Jared Leto: Musician, Oscar nominated actor, full on geek.

[Image credit: Antonio Scorza / Shutterstock.com]