Jonah Hill Talks Getting Groped By Joe Pesci [Video]

Did Joe Pesci touch Jonah Hill where the sun doesn’t shine? According to Hill’s bit on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that’s exactly what happened. Let’s back up for a few seconds because even though Hollywood has proven to be a very small community of people, never would anyone put Jonah Hill and Joe Pesci in the same room together. That said, the two wound up meeting, our guess it’s due to his inclusion in Martin Scorsese’sThe Wolf of Wall Street.

While we can picture Pesci and Hill complimenting each other or Pesci giving the comedian turned serious actor some advice about the industry, Hill’s story is much different and more unique. Never in a million years would we have guessed that Pesci would get handsy with Hill, but it happened and the visual is glorious.

According to Hill the awkward but equally hilarious exchange went down like this:

“[Pesci] goes, ‘You’re great in the movie, kid, I’m really proud of you.’ And I’m like, ‘Thank you, your acting means so much to me.”

Hill continued explaining what might be the most awkward encounter of his recent memory:

“And he goes, ‘Here’s what I want you to do: I want you to go buy a helmet.’ And I go, ‘okay…’ He goes, ‘I want you to keep the helmet next to your bed and then every night, I want you to go in the bathroom and put the helmet on — every night. And if ever the helmet doesn’t fit, it’s because too many people are going up here.’ And he puts his fingers in my a–!”

Well, there you have it — Jonah Hill was slightly assaulted by the one and only Joe Pesci. Of course this isn’t the only awkward encounter Hill has survived. When Hill was on The Graham Norton Show he explained one wacky scene in The Wolf of Wall Street that called for everyone to get next to naked on an airplane while involved in an orgy.

Of the airplane orgy scene, Hill said:

“It was so unsanitary. That’s the only thing I could think of. I just needed to purell my whole body.”

This bit of course went into Hill explaining his real life awkward encounter on a plane, which happened when the actor was 18-years-old. A self-proclaimed “romantic” Hill became excited when he realized he was sitting next to a pretty woman his age. After a flirty conversation Hill excused himself to use the bathroom and when he came back the left over flatulence from the occupant before reached the woman’s nose. Before Hill could explain it wasn’t him the moment was over.

Hopefully this isn’t the last string of awkward encounters that Jonah Hill is involved in, because something tells us he’s going to need a lot more bits to tell for talk shows in the coming years.