Phil Collins Reveals He’s Working On A Batch Of New Music With Adele

Phil Collins is working on some new music with award-winning singer Adele.

Although the Genesis singer previously hinted that his Motown cover album Going Back would probably be his last outing, it seems that Collins recently had a change of heart. During a recent interview with the folks over at Inside South Florida, the singer hinted that he’s working on some new material with Adele.

“I’ve just started to work with Adele. I wasn’t actually too aware… I live in a cave, but she’s achieved an incredible amount. I really love her voice. I love some of this stuff she’s done, too,” Phil Collins explained during the recent chat.

He continued, “I’ve decided I kind of missed that writing creative stuff, so I’m trying to get back into writing, and that’s getting into a certain headspace and personal drive.”

Despite his desire to retire, Collins said last year that he considered returning to the world of music while promoting the Tarzan musical in Germany. While he didn’t throw out any definitive plans, the singer suggested he could get back together with his band.

“I have started thinking about doing new stuff. [Maybe playing] some shows again, even with Genesis. Everything is possible. We could tour in Australia and South America. We haven’t been there yet,” Phil Collins explained.

Although Collins said he’s working on some new music with Adele, it’s unclear if the new songs will form the follow-up to her award-winning 2011 effort 21. At the moment, there’s still more questions than answers about the project. Fingers crossed that something comes together very soon.

Since you can’t do anything these days without someone bothering you about Miley Cyrus, the Inside South Florida interviewer decided to ask Phil Collins about the “Wrecking Ball” singer and the controversy that tends to follow her around.

Phil Collins doesn’t know much about twerking, but he seems to think Miley Cyrus is pretty great. Since there are so many recording artists currently on the market these days, Collins told Rolling Stone back in 2012 that he doesn’t feel the need to challenge the competition.

“I don’t want to get caught up in that rock and roll promotion thing. And I have young children, so I don’t feel the drive to go out there and compete,” Collins said.

Are you a fan of Phil Collins? What do you think about the Genesis singer possibly working with Adele on a brand new batch of songs?

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