Victoria’s Secret: Florida Teenagers Busted For Stealing $15K Worth Of Underwear

A pair of Florida teens were recently busted after they allegedly lifted thousands of dollars worth of merchandise for lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret.

According to authorities, the teenagers reportedly stole approximately $15,000 worth of women’s underwear from a Victoria’s Secret location in Sunrise, Florida. The merchandise was reportedly removed from the store during three separate incidents.

Although the teenagers allegedly managed to make off with the underwear without getting arrested, one suspect’s mother identified her son as one of the culprits after police released surveillance footage of the crime. Altogether, police believe the boys stole around 850 pairs of women’s underwear from the retailer.

The Victoria’s Secret thefts occurred between November and December of last year. Broward Circuit Judge John Hurley was understandably shocked that the boys stole $15,475 worth of underwear from the store. Although he found the situation somewhat comical, Judge Hurley wasn’t messing around during the suspects’ recent court appearance.

“It says here you stole — and I’ve got to admit I haven’t seen this before — over $15,000 worth of property from Victoria’s Secret,” he said during the hearing.

Judge Hurley also offered up the following words of advice to the Florida teenagers: “Don’t go back to Victoria’s Secret.”

The teenagers face charges of felony grand theft for stealing 850 pairs of women’s underwear during their visits to the retailer late last year. A spokesperson for Victoria’s Secret said the company worked closely with authorities to capture the individuals responsible for the crime.

According to the Sun Sentinel, the boys allegedly stole the following items:

“Three hundred ‘Dream Angels’-style thongs valued at $3,750 went missing from the store on November 23, police said. On December 13, 175 pairs of women’s underwear worth $2,537.50 were taken and on December 20, 375 panties valued at $5,437.50 were stolen.”

During their final attempt to steal items from Victoria’s Secret, the boys were reportedly confronted by the store’s loss-prevention team. Instead of admitting to the crime, the teenagers dropped the stolen goods and fled the scene. However, the release of the surveillance footage ultimately ended their spree.

Assistant Public Defender Terry Conover said 18-year-old Daniel Espinosa recently graduated from high school and currently lives with his grandparents. He was later released on a $3,500 bond. The other teenager was not publicly identified since he is still a minor.

Although authorities recovered the $15,000 worth of stolen Victoria’s Secret merchandise, it’s presently unclear where the women’s underwear will end up. Sunrise Police Sargent Rodney Hailey said the lingerie is part of the ongoing investigation.

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