Fox News Identifies The Scariest Two Words In The ‘Liberal’ Dictionary [Video]

Fox News star Greg Gutfeld has revealed what he called the scariest two words in the “white liberal dictionary.”

The Five co-host and the panel were discussing recent comments by a North Carolina NAACP official that Tim Scott of South Carolina, one of two African-American US Senators, was a “ventriloquist’s dummy” because he is a conservative, Tea Party Republican.

US Senator Scott subsequently deemed this kind of rhetoric “philosophical bigotry,” particularly as he noted that 50 years of massive government “War on Poverty” spending hasn’t resolved poverty in America.

Said Gutfeld of the name-calling against black conservatives and Republicans,

The scariest two words in a white liberal dictionary are ‘Allen West.’ If they see him walking down the street, they cross it and get fleeced by Al Sharpton. It’s white liberals… whether it’s on social networks or on TV, they mock black conservatives. The way they treat Mia Love, the way they treat Allen West, the way they treat Tim Scott. It’s not an exception. It’s the rule.”

Retired Colonel Allen West, a regular commentator on cable news channels, is an outspoken former Florida Congressman and Iraq combat veteran who is planning on mounting a political comeback. The Republican lost his seat in the House in 2012 by a very narrow margin amid allegations of voter fraud by his opposition.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, actress Maria Conchita Alonso — who is perhaps best known for Moscow on the Hudson — lost a role in The Vagina Monologues because she filmed a campaign commercial with Tea Party candidate for California governor Tim Donnelly.

In a related issue, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently declared that what he described as “extreme conservatives” (i.e., those who favor gun rights, traditional marriage, and are pro-life) don’t belong in the Empire State.

Given these recent events in particular, do you think there is a double standard among liberals who like to preach “tolerance”?

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Added: ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith weighs in on the subject of black conservatives: