Coke: Stolen Laptops Held Private Information Of 74,000 Employees

Coca-Cola Co. announced on Friday that personal information, including social security numbers and details of driving licenses of around 74,000 employees had been compromised when laptops were stolen from its Atlanta headquarters.

The company confirmed that, even though their policy is to encrypt all their laptops, the laptops that were stolen had not yet been encrypted.

As well as names and social security numbers Coca-Cola also confirmed to its U.S and Canadian employees that their financial details and even ethnicity may have been compromised.

Coca-Cola said they have no idea how the laptops were stolen, or if any of their employee’s private information has, in fact, been taken. Fortunately the stolen laptops have now been recovered.

A spokeswoman from Coca-Cola, Ann Moore, told reporters that the laptops were stolen by a former employee, but did not identify that person.

A short memo sent to employees said:

“To expedite the process, we brought in extra crews that worked long hours, including throughout the holiday period and on weekends, to sort through the data.”

They said that the letters sent out on Friday which informed their employees of the incident were sent within the legally required time frame.

Coke said there have not been any arrests made as of yet, but that the police have been notified and are involved with the investigation. Ms. Moore also confirmed that the personal information of about 4,500 outside contractors and vendors were on the stolen laptops, as well as credit card information relating to about 10 people.

Coca-Cola have undertaken to find out which of their their ex-employees stole the laptops.