Justin Bieber: Instagram Photo After Bail Compares Singer To Michael Jackson

A recent Justin Bieber Instagram photo has surfaced which seems to compare the “Baby” singer to the King of Pop. Is Bieber getting too cocky for his own good?

Not quite shocking the world with his DUI arrest, Justin Bieber was released on a $2,500 bail after dirtying his image even further with jail time. The pop singer was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, resisting arrest, and driving with an expired license. In spite of this, his fans still refuse to give up on the boy who rocketed to stardom on a squeaky clean image. Social media sites have been overwhelmed with fans who support him in spite of his fall from grace.

Could Bieber just be getting bored already? After all, he’s been busy between touring, random legal shenanigans, visiting fans in the hospital, and partying with strippers. Retirement could just be making him antsy.

His rock star lifestyle has begun to catch up with him, though. An Australian Mayor failed to force Bieber to clean up his graffiti at a hotel. Bieber was allegedly caught with cocaine at the home he shares with others. Now he’s been caught drinking and driving.

Alongside the recent Justin Bieber Instagram photo, another recent photo showing a remarkable similarity between him and fellow troublesome pop star Miley Cyrus is almost scary.

In the Instagram photo, Bieber is seen waving to the crowd as he rides on top of a car on his way out of jail. Next to it, he placed a similar photo of Michael Jackson giving the “peace” sign to the crowd after his accusations of child molestation, while standing on top of a car.

While there are some similarities in their actions, the Justin Bieber Instagram photo appears to be taking it too far. Michael Jackson was arrested for alleged child molestation, not drunk driving. Both are abhorrent crimes, but they are very different in context. People get arrested every day for drunk driving, and if they’re lucky, that’s as far as the damage goes. Child molestation has much more severe consequences all around, even alleged.

Perhaps the pop star was simply using the similar photos together to make a promotional reference to buddy Jay Z‘s song “What More Can I Say?” The caption he added, “What more can they say,” seems to point to a likely coincidence. The fact that the song was about contemplation of retirement seems to bear a remarkable similarity to Bieber’s situation.

The Justin Bieber Instagram photo comparing him to Michael Jackson seems like a rather heavy handed publicity stunt. He’s nowhere near Michael Jackson’s level at this point, and the comparisons should end right there.