Uncharted 3 Collector’s Edition is Packed with Goodies

Ever looked at Uncharted protagonist Nathan Drake’s belt buckle and wanted one of your own? Well, you’re in luck! Provided you pick up the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception collector’s edition, that is.

IGN detailed the special edition as part of their week-long pre-E3 Uncharted 3 blowout. The collector’s edition will reportedly run you $99.99 and, beyond the slick belt buckle, will include a bunch of other goodies such as a Sideshow Collectibles Nathan Drake statue, and a replica of Drake’s ring and necklace. The game itself will be packaged inside a steelbook game case, and the whole package will be inside a box designed like a treasure chest. Imagine that!

In related news, IGN also detailed the game’s retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses. Pre-ordering your copy at Best Buy will score you a Regeneration Booster that increases your health regeneration; pre-ordering from Amazon gives you the ability to throw out three grenades at once at the cost of one, as well as an increased clip capacity for the Para 9 and G-MAL; pre-ordering at GameStop gives you the ability to turn yourself into a swarm of enemies for a limited time; finally, pre-ordering at Wal-Mart scores you an AK-47 mod that not only gives your weapon a laser sight, but also makes the enemy visible to your teammates.

Retailers not listed won’t be left completely out of the pre-order bonus fun. IGN states that all other participating retailers will be offering a PSN avatar and a static theme, but which retailers are on board with this isn’t known at this time.

Source: IGN