Robin Ventura Signs Chicago White Sox Contract Extension

Robin Ventura has signed a new multi-year contract extension with the Chicago White Sox, despite their horrific 2013 campaign.

Ventura only had one year-left on his contract going into the 2014 season. White Sox officials wanted to erase any doubts over his future, which might have increased the pressure on him if the team had started poorly, by offering him a new deal.

There wasn’t much to cheer in 2013 for Ventura’s team, who scored a diabolical 63-99 record. However, he still possessed enough good will after finishing the 2012 campaign at 85-77, which also saw Ventura’s Sox spend 126 days in first place.

On Friday, the White Sox announced that Ventura had been given a public vote of confidence after they gave him a multi-year contract extension. The terms of the deal still haven’t been announced.

The White Sox’s senior vice president and general manager, Rich Hahn, confirmed in a statement, “We are in complete agreement with the direction and vision for this organization in 2014 and beyond.”

He continued, “I have great confidence that Robin’s leadership and direction will help us reach our goals, and there was never really any question in our minds as to who we wanted in the White Sox dugout now and into the future.”

Ventura responded to the news by declaring, “We have been on the same page since Day One, but I’m very happy to have this behind us so we can continue to keep our focus on the playing field.”

The former third baseman, added, “I’m excited about the direction of the club and the moves we have made this offseason, but there is still a lot of work to be done so I think we’re all ready to get to spring training and get started.”

The White Sox will be looking to drastically improve from last year’s debacle, which saw them amass their fourth-worst record in franchise history.

However, after placing the team in second place in their division in 2012, Ventura was a final for AL manager of the year, and White Sox executives still believe that they have the best young manager in Baseball on their ranks. It also helps that Ventura played 10 of his 16 Major League Baseball seasons for the White Sox.

Over the winter, Ventura has looked to rebuild his ailing side, after pitcher Chris Sale was the only player to excel last year. He has brought in slugger, Jose Abreu, third baseman, Matt Davidson, outfielder, Adam Eaton, and pitcher, Felipe Paulino.