Tennessee Gov wins moron prize – makes it illegal to share your Netflix account

Every day it seems that governments, state or federal, seek out to prove over and over again just how much they do not understand how technology and the Internet work.

To show just how brain dead these officials are we have the news today, via VentureBeat, that Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed into law a bill that makes it illegal to not only share your Netflix account but any streaming subscription.

The bill makes it a crime for anyone other than account holders to log into services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Rdio, or Rhapsody. It also empowers streaming media companies that identify illegal sharing to contact law enforcement authorities to press charges.

So, a college student who gives access of his Netflix streaming account to half the residents in a dormitory will now be punishable by law, according to the bill’s sponsor Gerald McCormick.

Needless to say this bill was being heavily endorsed and pushed by the various entertainment lobbying groups.