‘Fifty Shades’ First Poster: ‘Mr. Grey Will See You Now’ [Photo]

Fifty Shades Of Grey has a first poster titled: “Mr. Grey Will See You Now.”

Christian Grey, played by Irish actor Jamie Dornan — with his back to us — is seen looking out of a high rise window into a spectacular view of the Seattle skyline.

The black and white picture, is the first official image that fans of the Fifty Shades novels have from the studio and we can almost hear the universal squee.

Fifty Shades Of Grey is one of the most anticipated movie adaptations, scheduled for Valentine’s Day 2015.

The much talked about film about the twisted sexual affair between the millionaire businessman Grey and innocent college graduate Anastasia Steele, played by Dakota Johnson is finally a reality.

Fans have been waiting for this for a long, long time and it’s finally here, a little taste of what Fifty Shades Of Grey will actually look like.

Everyone that is watching this production — based on the E.L. James’ novel of the same name — is following the latest pictures of the shoot, taking place in Vancouver, Canada and tweeted on a daily basis.

Twitter has been the place to follow all the latest sightings of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. So how are fans reacting to this first teaser from Unviersal and Focus Features? It’s a Friday night and we can probably expect more reaction throughout the weekend, but here are some of the first ones:

You get the idea, everybody is jumping for joy and excitement.

After a rocky start which saw Fifty Shades lose its original leading man Charlie Hunnam and when people were losing faith that the project would ever get off the ground, the studio found Jamie Dornan — who seems to be perfect for the role.

Despite some reported clashes of the minds, between director Sam Taylor-Johnson and author/producer James, Fifty Shades Of Grey is in full swing and things are on track with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson’s “great chemistry” according to producer Michael DeLuca.