Rosario Dawson: Nudity Doesn’t Bother Me

Rosario Dawson isn’t fazed when she’s told that she has to be nude for a movie.

Dawson has appeared in the buff in numerous films, including Danny Boyle’s Trance and Oliver Stone’s Alexander. However, rather than being overwhelmed by these scenes, she noted during a recent interview that there isn’t actually much to it.

“How I feel about nudity is we’re all naked under our clothes,” the 34-year-old recently admitted. “I thought it was really interesting. I haven’t done a lot of nudity in films, but Trance was reminiscent of Alexander. That wasn’t a sex scene or a love scene. It was almost a rape scene.”

Dawson went on to explain how she devised the scene with her fellow co-star Colin Farrell and Stone during rehearsal.

“It was a power dynamic struggle,” she continued. “There was something that in a very short period of time revealed quite a lot about these two characters – their dynamic and what was going to happen afterwards – and it was great. It was very interesting, I mean it wasn’t originally written as that, it’s actually what Oliver Stone, Colin (Farrell) and I came up with when we were rehearsing it, so you know, we all sort of collaborated on that, and it being that that was going to be the best way to execute that scene.”

However, despite having no qualms about showing off her body to the world, Dawson did joke that she is particularly squeamish when it comes to “jellyfish or centipedes.” In fact, she added, “anything with multiple legs and suction caps – especially when they’re electrified.”

Earlier today, The Inquisitr revealed that Dawson used her tough upbringing to inspire her performance in Gimme Shelter, which was released on Friday and sees her play Vanessa Hudgens’ abusive mother:

“I’m a ’79 baby and was raised by a teenage mom on the Lower East Side in a squat. Growing up in the ’80s in a crack neighborhood, I’ve seen drug addiction,

“My mom worked at women’s shelters since I was young, so I grew up with that. That’s one reason I work with a girl’s club. I was raised in a house of love. My mom was pregnant at 16 but never talked about her sacrifices. I never went to sleep feeling I wasn’t loved.

“June has been neglected, and each choice marginalized her more and more. It was a pleasure to show that type of human being and that kind of struggle.”

It’s been quite a busy week for Dawson. Just a few days ago she also confirmed that she would be returning for Kevin Smith’s Clerks III.