South Carolina State University Shooting: One Dead, Four Possible Suspects

UPDATE – The South Carolina State University shooting has left one student dead and authorities say they are now searching for at least four possible suspects. An earlier report by The Inquisitr stated that reports of shots fired on campus had been called into the police department around 2:30 pm local time.

USA Today stated that the shooting took place outside Andrew Hugine Suits, a dormitory for upperclassmen “on the campus of the historically black university about 40 miles south of Columbia, South Carolina.”

Original reports stated that one student was confirmed injured as a result of the shooting. That student is now being identified as Brandon Robinson, 20, of Orangeburg. According to New York Daily News, Robinson was a defensive linemen on the school’s football team. He was taken to local hospital where he later died.

“We are extraordinarily sad about this,” said university President Thomas Elzey, who teared up as he spoke. “He’s a very nice young man… and it hurts. It hurts us all.”

Police have said that they are looking for up to four suspects that may have been involved in the shooting. The Inquisitr reported earlier today that breaking news reports said that Police do know who the suspects are. Police say that they believe the suspect(s) have fled the scene, and reports now say that the campus wide lock down had been lifted. According to ABC News, South Carolina State University Campus Police Chief, Mernard Clarkson, told reporters that the “campus perimeter was secured in the event the suspects tried to return.”

Twitter has exploded with prayers and thoughts for Robinson and of course for his friends and family.

A statement issued by university President Thomas Elzey on the South Carolina State University website reads as follows:

“As police work to apprehend the people they believe to be responsible for this horrible crime, we are pulling together as a community. Orangeburg Mayor Michel Butler, and Councilwoman Liz Zimmerman-Keitt have been here all day to offer their support. I’ve also received a call from Governor Nikki Haley pledging her support and assistance in whatever we need to provide for our students and bring the perpetrators to justice. Again, I want to reassure parents who have children on this campus, that your children are in good hands. South Carolina State University will maintain a safe and secure environment for our faculty, Staff, and Students. I have the fullest confidence in our law enforcement officials to successfully bring this investigation to a close and arrest those responsible.”

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