Beverly Hills Jumper Patient of Plastic Surgeon to Hollywood Elite

The Beverly Hills Jumper from Wednesday morning has been identified as a patient of a plastic surgeon to some of the Hollywood elite. Dr. Brian Novack is a doctor who is whispered to be behind some of the most amazing plastic surgery works in the business with one such confirmed client being Demi Moore.

Dr. Novack’s practice is located at 414 N Camden Drive, the same block where a 53-year-old woman was staying under the supervision of Dr. Novack’s staff. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news earlier citing employees of the clinic who informed THR that the lady had received a face lift the day before her fateful jump to the pavement below.

The woman, described as blonde Caucasian, jumped of the room of the multistory building after a crisis negotiation team from Beverly Hills police attempted to talk the woman down off the roof where she sat with legs dangling over the edge. One witness said,

“She sat on the ledge naked, then got up and walked around the edge of the building as if on a tightrope. She sat back down again before getting up and jumping off.”

The woman was pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital.

Dr. Novack’s 10th floor practice is rumored to be one of the most expensive if not the most secretive. No website for Dr. Novack’s practice exists and he shuns the press with very few public appearances. An eyewitness from another practice in the same building repotedly saw Dr. Novack in the lobby after the woman’s body had been taken away. “He looked demolished,” the witness said. When THR attempted to reach someone in Dr. Novack’s office for comment none was given.

According to staff of the plastic surgeon, the woman became very aggressive in the early hours of Wednesday morning. She began pulling at her hair and gown before escaping on the to the roof. Streets were closed off and the entirety of the Beverly Hills Fire Dept. was dispatched for the incident requiring a Los Angeles fire truck and ambulance to cover a fire station for the duration.

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