Former Joyce Meyer Bodyguard Gets Life in Prison

Charismatic Christian author and televangelist Joyce Meyer is under scrutiny this week and it has nothing to do with her ministry’s finances. In May her chief of security, Christopher Coleman, was dealt a life sentence for the strangling of his wife, Sheri Coleman, and their two sons.

The son of a pastor, Coleman called police from a local gym on May 5, 2009, and expressed concern that he was unable to reach his family by phone.When they (the police) arrived on the scene, they found the lifeless bodies of his wife and children inside.

Prosecutors Coleman argued went into elaborate detail with the planning of the multi-murder, by sending himself threatening emails and spraying the crime scene with red paint to make it look like the killings were the work of a Joyce Meyer stalker.

According to police reports:

Spray-painted across the walls of the house were obscenities that appeared to have been directed at Sheri Coleman, including the words “punished,”, “wh*re paid”, “u have paid”, and “I saw you leave, [expletive] you, I am always watching.”

According to Judge Milton Wharton, justice would be better served if Christopher Coleman spent a lifetime behind bars, where he’d be forced to reflect daily on the crimes he committed.


“The horrible nature of the crime cannot be diminished,” Wharton said.”

Soon after the trial’s conclusion, the family of Sheri Coleman recently filed a lawsuit against Joyce Meyer Ministries for “its failure to recognize that accused family murderer Christopher Coleman was a threat to his wife and two sons”.

“This tragic murder would have been preventable if Joyce Meyer Ministries had responded to the threats and the extramarital affair and warned Sheri appropriately,” said Antonio M Romanucci, an attorney.”

via ChristianToday