NFL Bad Lip Reading Returns For Hilarious Second Edition

The NFL Bad Lip Reading is back.

Almost exactly a year after the folks at the Bad Lip Reading page on YouTube released a video of mis-heard statements from NFL footage, they’ve put out another video showing more hilarious over dubbing from NFL footage.

This year’s edition of the NFL Bad Lip Reading was released on Friday and almost immediately shot into the tens of thousands of views. Last year’s NFL video quickly amassed millions of views, following in the success of other fake audio placed over presidential debates, music videos, and movies.

Other popular editions of the Bad Lip Reading series include movies like Twilight and The Hunger Games.

The second edition of the NFL Bad Lip Reading features some of the same players and coaches made famous in the first edition. There’s Peyton Manning giving a nonsensical interview about what grosses him out (“Uhh, old folks’ allergies, that could sure do it. Or just having somebody yucky like you. Umm denim golf jeans, Voldemort, yes I said Voldemort. Doo-dads that scratch the wood like, scratchy things, you know?”) and the ever-theatrical Jim Harbaugh acting like a hyperactive child.

After the success of last year’s NFL Bad Lip Reading, Chris Chase of USA Today Sports theorized that the popularity came in part because fans never actually get to hear what their favorite players are saying.

“When you watch a sporting event, do you like to read the lips of a player, coach or official and try to guess what they’re saying?” Chase wrote. “And then you automatically assume your imagined dialogue is correct because why else would you have guessed it in the first place?”

The NFL Bad Lip Reading and other faked audit videos can be found on the BadLipReading YouTube channel.