Kylie Jenner And Jaden Smith Split: Will Smith Fears Kris Jenner Is Using His Son

Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith may be on the outs, and it’s reportedly thanks to Jaden’s dad.

Sources say that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett have grown increasingly worried that their son is being used by the publicity-hungry Kris Jenner and her family as a way to stay in the spotlight. The concerned parents had initially hoped that the relationship would come to a natural conclusion, but as Jaden and Kylie kept going strong they decided to take more proactive measures.

“Will and Jada fear that Kris Jenner is using [Jaden] to grab more time in the spotlight,” a source told the National Enquirer. “The more Will and Jada know about the Kardashians, the more they suspect Jaden’s just being used for his family fame.”

The source added that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett told Jaden the relationship with Kylie Jenner has to come to an end.

The report comes as Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith have reportedly gotten more serious. On Jaden’s 15th birthday, Kylie wrote via social media how their relationship had blossomed.

“Although we can’t remember exactly when we met, I couldn’t be more grateful that we did,” she wrote. “You understand me like not many do and you always know the right time to make me laugh. And no, you haven’t failed once to catch me when I attempt to walk or open the door on my every entrance. Happy birthday to my best friend.”

The relationship moved to the next level late last year when Jaden bought his girlfriend a gold necklace.

Jaden Smith was seen in a picture standing behind 16-year-old Kyile Jenner as he clasped the necklace on her in November. The meeting came amid public reports that Kylie’s parents had separated, with sources say she looked to him for comfort.

Despite the reported intervention from his parents, Jaden Smith is still dating Kylie Jenner.