Sarah Silverman Talks To A Cussing Jesus In New Abortion Video

Sarah Silverman is making conservatives, the pro-life community, and Christians angry again with her new cussing Jesus abortion video. Silverman is no stranger to ruffling the feathers of her opponents, but having Jesus drop the F bomb takes it to a new level.

That’s right, Sarah Silverman released a YouTube video on her channel Wednesday as an abortion PSA. She and Zack Galifianakis made huge headlines recently with their special “Night Of A Thousand Vaginas” in an attempt to raise money for Texas abortions.

Abortion laws and restrictions have been in the news a lot recently, as the 41st anniversary of the Roe V Wade decision was this past Wednesday. Thousands participated in the March For Life in Washington DC to protest abortion. Sarah Silverman has often waded into the debate over whether women have the right to choose.

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The comedian is also known for using religion as her sounding board. As Sarah Silverman began to grow in popularity, 2005 saw her hit the mainstream. She released a movie portraying her stand up acts and other video shorts called “Jesus Is Magic“. The movie angered audiences everywhere, but was applauded by many in the comedy community as brave and hilarious.

Sarah Silverman’s latest video stunt opens with her wearing a shirt that proudly proclaims “feminist”. She begins talking about a late night encounter she had with an in-the-flesh cussing Jesus Christ, played by Michael Weatherly of NCIS. Jesus apparently has dubbed Sarah Silverman as his new prophet to “all these people who use my name for intolerance and oppression”. Wonder who he might be referring to?

When asked how they will get this message out, cussing Jesus simply says, “I’m Jesus [expletive] Christ.”

As Silverman and Jesus do each others hair and watch episodes of NCIS, she drops the big question on Jesus. When does life begin? After an attempt at humor, apparently pro-abortion Jesus says that a person is a person, not a fertilized egg. But that we should be nice to others who hold different views than us.

The rest of the video goes on with pro-choice information that Sarah Silverman feels is necessary to inform the masses. Of course the whole thing proves to be an advertisement for her act coming this fall, “V To Shining V”. It will debut on September 28 and is sponsored by Lady Parts Justice.

What do you think of Sarah Silverman’s new cussing Jesus abortion video?