Keyshawn Johnson Relieved That Neighbor Justin Bieber Finally Got Arrested

Keyshawn Johnson has waited a long time for neighbor Justin Bieber to finally get in trouble for his reckless ways, and when the hammer finally came down on the pop star this week, the former NFL star couldn’t be happier.

Bieber and Johnson are neighbors in a gated community in Calabasas, California. The two have clashed in the past, with Keyshawn getting angry over Bieber’s reckless driving.

When Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami this week on suspicion of DUI and drag racing, Keyshawn Johnson took to Twitter to express his relief.

“They finally caught HIM! Glad no one was hurt, no kids in the street. Everyone grows up at some point. Hopefully he learns from it.”

Keyshawn had also shared remarks that Bieber feels “entitled” and seemed to have no respect for the law or for those around him.

Keyshawn Johnson and Justin Bieber had a bit of history together. Last spring, the former NFL wide receiver was one of two witnesses who made statements to Los Angeles police saying they saw Bieber speeding through the neighborhood in his white Ferrari.

Johnson, who was standing by his Prius with his 3-year-old daughter when Bieber sped past, followed the car back to Bieber’s home and tried to confront him about the reckless driving.

According to a police report, Johnson “reached out his arm to prevent the garage door from closing and confronted Bieber who was in the driver’s seat.”

But Keyshawn Johnson does have a measure of sympathy for Bieber, saying that the singer is lacking a responsible adult figure in his life.

“The scary part is grown adults who are w/ him aren’t protecting him from himself! All looking for a quick buck. Learning experience for all”

Keyshawn Johnson actually offered to be that responsible adult, attempting to counsel the young pop star. Bieber’s camp rejected Johnson’s offers each time.