Pam Dawber: Sh*zbot! Dawber Joins Mork Costar On The Crazy Ones

Pam Dawber, best known for her role opposite Robin Williams in the classic ABC sitcom Mork & Mindy will reunite with her former costar in an upcoming episode of CBS’s The Crazy Ones.

Thursday morning, Williams tweeted, “The secret is out! Can’t wait to work with her again,” along with #pamdawber and a link to the TV Guide article that broke the news.

Williams and Dawber were both virtual unknowns when they were cast as goofball alien Mork from Ork and Mindy, the earth girl who took him in and let him live in her attic back in 1978. The show, which was a spinoff of Happy Days, ran for four years, enjoying its greatest popularity in its first year.

For those who have been on planet Ork since the ’70s and haven’t seen the show, Mindy – played by Pam Dawber – played the straight role to Mork’s fish-out-of-water comedic alien. Much of Dawber’s role on the show involved explaining earthling behavior to Mork, who had been sent to earth from Ork in a flying egg to study our planet’s inhabitants and their behavior. Mork and Mindy eventually married in the series’ fourth and final season. They had a son, Mearth, who aged backwards. Mearth was played be comedian Jonathan Winters.

Unfortunately for fans of Mork & Mindy’s later years, Jonathan Winters, who was one of Williams’ comedic inspirations before joining the show, passed away in April 2013, preventing a full Orkan family reunion.


Williams has become a comedic legend since Mork & Mindy went off the air, known for his improv, numerous comedic roles and the occasional serious role, including his Golden Globe winning performance as John Keating in Dead Poet’s Society. Pam Dawber worked sporadically in television and film throughout the ’80s and ’90s, including a. According to TV Guide, Dawber’s last television role was in 1999’s made for television movie Don’t Look Behind You. She is married to NCIS star Mark Harmon, with whom she has two kids.

Williams plays eccentric advertising executive Simon Roberts on The Crazy Ones. The straight man role in the CBS sitcom is covered by his straight laced daughter Sydney, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

E! reports that Dawber will play the role of “Lily,” a travel author who Williams character meets at a book signing for her latest release, Ninety Countries, 90 Dances. Look for sparks to fly early, as TV Guide reports Williams’ character is “instantly smitten” by the “adventurous, free spirit” of his former costar’s character.

What do you think? Can Williams and Dawber again find the kind of on-screen magic that made Mork & Mindy so memorable?