Katy Perry Behind-The-Scenes GQ photoshoot [Video]

In case you didn’t get enough of Katy Perry’s GQ photoshoot, the magazine has come up with a behind-the-scenes video of the event.

Katy — showing off major cleavage for the cover — wore a tiny black and white halter top that ties in the front, leaving little to the imagination, to the delight of her millions of male fans.

The sexy number — of which GQ created more than one version — serves as backdrop for a lot of interesting quotes from the pop diva.

Katy Perry confessed that she “prayed to God” for big boobs, the kind that would not let you look at your feet when you are laying down. Her prayers were answered, as is apparent from the new photos.

“God answered my prayers,” Katy adds, her gaze drifting downward. “I had no clue they would fall into my armpits eventually.”

Okay, then. Too much information? Not, according to the many men who were left drooling after gazing at her photos.

In the interview, Katy Perry talks about her humble beginnings in a conservative home and her first incursions into the music scene, when she used to sing her songs at a farmer’s market and was paid with…produce.

“I’d put out my guitar case, and Id test out these little ditty songs that I would write, and I would get a couple of avocados, a bag of pistachios, and, like, fifteen bucks. That was a lot of money for me.”

A lot has changed for Katy Perry since those days and now she is one of the most recognized names in music and has topped it all off with a stellar year.

Other interesting things came out of the interview, such as when and how the Roar singer lost her virginity. It happened in the front seat of a Volvo, when she was only 16-years-old while listening to Jeff Buckley’s Grace.

As to the photoshoot, here are the alternative Katy Perry covers GQ came up with:

Katy Perry’s life seems to be on the right path, after some very difficult times following her very public and humiliating divorce from British comedian Russell Brand. She is happy with new beau John Mayer and they even recorded a duet called “Who You Love.”

Watch Katy Perry’s GQ behind-the-scenes video below: