What The…? Watch This 5-Year-Old Get Up Unhurt After A Car Ran Over His Head [Video]

But somehow, Joao got up and without a split-second’s hesitation, dashed to help his 56-year-old grandma, who was also struck by the car. Amazingly, Vilma Nascimento also came away from the horrific accident without any injuries, save for some superficial cuts and bruises, The Daily Mirror reports.

The whole incident would be completely unbelievable — but we’ve got the video to prove it really happened. Check it out, above. Be warned, however, the images are violent and disturbing. If they didn’t have a happy ending, they would be very difficult to view.

The video was filmed by a surveillance camera in the town of Anapolis, in the central Brazilian state of Goias, as The Daily Mail describes. Look closely as it begins and you’ll see a speeding Honda fail to stop at an intersection, slamming into a black Chevy minivan driving through the cross-street.

The Chevy is sent careering out of control. Watch as it slams into a parked, white VW Golf, plowing the car backward and straight at Joao and his grandmother, who were on foot as the young boy was being walked home from school by his granny.

What happens next is stomach-churning, but incredible. The VW rolls into both the woman and child, knocking them down. The car rolls over little 5-year-old Joao’s midsection — and then the wheels crush his head!

Except they don’t crush anything Somehow, Joao springs to his feet as if nothing has happened and runs over, seemingly without any thought except for the well-being of his beloved grandmother.

“I saw that the car run over him and come towards me. I thought my grandson’s skull had been crushed,” the grandma told a Brazilian TV station, quoted in the Mail.


As for Joao, he said, “I thought my grandma had broken her spine and other things.”

“It was so quick. I tried to run to the sidewalk but unfortunately the stationary car hit us. It was a miracle we survived,” said Vilma. “I’m sure God’s hand protected us. João doesn’t even look like he’s been hit at all.”

The boy and his grandmother were treated at a nearby hospital. Vilma was released Wednesday morning with cuts and bruises to her legs and head, but incredibly no broken bones.

The 5-year-old Joao had a few scrapes on his face and ears, but that was it. He is already back playing with his friends. The hospital sent him home that same night.