Dolly Parton Says She’d Duet Jack White

Dolly Parton, whose song Jolene is one of the White Stripes’ most beloved covers, said she would duet Jack White because Jack White is totally awesome.

Okay, the last part is total inference. But Parton says she’s “picky,” and how amazing would a Dolly/Jack duet be? Can you stand even thinking about it? Parton discusses how money and fame profile never enter into her decisions about collaborations- but mentions the rock god lives in her hood and is super talented:

“There’s been a lot of talk about Jack White wanting to work with me and I’ve always admired him and of course he lives in Nashville too.

“But I’m so picky about my music. I would never say never because he’s so talented and I loved the way The White Stripes did Jolene, it’s just that my music is so personal to me and I’m not going to work with someone just to have a hit.”

Parton also mentioned possibly duetting with Lady Gaga, which would be so much less awesome than a Jack White duet. “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man,” Dolly! Do it!