Justin Bieber Mug Shot Ranks Among All-Time Best For Incarcerated Celebs

Justin Bieber’s mug shot, resulting from his Miami Beach DUI arrest—among other charges—is currently coursing through the Internet like a rabid squirrel on meth, stopping here and there to chew on a wire before setting the world on fire.

Whether it’s been linked in your Facebook feed or retweeted ad infinitum, chances are Bieber’s mug shot has graced your social accounts multiple times.

And you know what? That’s OK.

Because, admit it: that’s a damn fine mug shot.

It’s got the same charismatic Bieber smile and look of youthful mischief that we assume explains his fame to begin with. The Miami-Dade County Corrections photographer did himself proud with the subtle twinkle in Justin’s eyes. Oh, that’s a camera flash? Well, OK, it wasn’t that subtle, anyway.

If it meant taking a picture as nice as that, we’d try to get arrested all the time! Of course, we’d need the money to do it in such splendid style as Justin Bieber.

Justin Beiber’s mug shot has inspired us to do some digging and, with help from The Smoking Gun, we compiled the Best Celebrity Mug Shots Of All Time!

Seriously, all these mug shots, Justin Bieber’s included, could be used for autographed glossies or professional head shots. There are some talented folks working the correctional cameras.

For those of you negative Nellies who insist on focusing on the details of the incident, Justin Bieber was pulled over by police in Miami Beach after drag racing his rented Lamborghini against a red Ferrari. The arresting officer said he was non-compliant and smelled of alcohol. Bieber, who’s only 19 (which is legal in his Canadian homeland) also lacks a proper driver’s license. So he’ll be charged with DUI, driving without a license and resisting arrest without violence, People tells us.

Think Progress is just throwing it out there that these kinds of antics could lead to Justin Bieber given the ol’ heave-ho out of the U.S. Bieber copped to smoking marijuana and taking prescription meds before his Days of Thunder display; combined with his recent egg-throwing escapades, deportation is indeed a possibility.

Which of these is your favorite celebrity mug shot? Where would you rank Justin Bieber among celebrity mug shots?