Did Apple Just Discontinue Their Airport and Time Capsule Routers?

Reports began circulating on Wednesday that Apple retail stores were running out of wireless routers. Various reports from consumers reveal that many locations are no longer selling AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express and Time Capsule devices. TUAW even reports that in one specific situation an Apple store with unsold inventory was asked to send it back, a good sign of an upcoming discontinuation.

For Apple router fans it should be noted that a discontinuation of those products could be a good sign if Apple ends up replacing them with faster options. One possible reason for the product callbacks is simply that Apple plans to offer new routers with 450Mbps peak speeds support which would support the 2011 MacBook Pro and iMac systems, while added system performance for Apple routers would also mean larger transfer capabilities which would greatly benefit Time Capsule backup efforts.

Electronista reports that other features could include new external design features and possible changes to their audio out and USB support.

An overhaul of the Apple router lines is much overdue, I for one will be happy to have a suitable upgrade for my new Macbook Pro.