Denver Broncos to do list

This is where the NFL lockout is really going to hurt. The Denver Broncos have a few issues they need to work out, and the only way they can work them out is to have their team on the field practicing under the direction of their coaching staff. The good news here is their early 2011 draft picks are on defense so we don’t have any worries there. However, this team has a QB situation that needs to be worked out and some more work on teh free agent market to take care of.

With Tim Tebow, Brady Quinn, and Kyle Orton all on the roster a clear pecking order has to be figured out. The Broncos need to tell one of these players he is the starter, another that he is the backup and hand the last one a clipboard. Granted they all need to get work to figure all of that out, but Brady Quinn is set to be a free agent and the Broncos could remove him for m the process by not resigning him. They then can go about the work of evaluating what Orton and Tebow bring to the table and figure out who should be the starter.

Then the Broncos can allow RB Laurence Maroney to exit via free agency and most of the offense returns. The work then would begin on the defense and how this team will handle the switch back to the 4-3 from a disastrous 3-4 turn under Josh McDaniels. That may entail resigning some folks who were let go pre NFL Lockout and working the free agent market to rebuild the front seven.

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