Kristen Bell Says Dax Shepard Really Enjoyed Sex During Her Pregnancy

Kristen Bell isn’t afraid to share all sorts of information about her sex life during interviews.

The actress recently sat down for a chat with Conan O’Brien, a conversation that also included a brief discussion about a particularly frightening Veronica Mars figurine that kind of makes her look like Jared Leto. However, it didn’t take very long for the interview to make a sharp turn into her sex life with husband Dax Shepard.

According to Kristen Bell, her Hit and Run co-star really enjoyed the weight she gained during her pregnancy. In Shepard’s opinion, it was almost like cheating on Bell with someone else. Apparently Kristen didn’t have a problem with that.

“He says he likes some meat on my bones — he phrased it as ‘there’s more of you to love.’ He felt like he was with a completely different woman. He said he felt like he was cheating on me,” Bell revealed to Conan O’Brien.

She continued, “That’s pretty exciting if you’re married and you know, you can feel like you’re with someone else, so he loved it. Sorry if that’s too progressive for everybody!”

Kristen Bell also explained she filmed a House of Lies sex scene with co-star Adam Brody when she was seven months pregnant. The actress said Brody often referred to these sequences as a group affair because of the baby bump.

“There was a storyline in the second season where my character at work has a sex tape coming out. She brings it into work and shows it to everybody and no one cares,” Kristen explained during the interview.

She added, “I was seven months pregnant at the time and they were fitting me in these negligees and I just had this huge beer belly and I was, you know, pretending to act in a sex tape. Now I can forever look at my daughter and say, ‘Oh, you were present for that.'”

Adam Brody apparently referred to these House of Lies sex scenes as “our threesomes.” It’s perfectly okay if you’re a little disturbed by that very uncomfortable comment.

Kristen Bell fans are no doubt preparing themselves for the long-awaited Veronica Mars movie that’s slated to arrive later this year. The flick, which is appropriately titled Veronica Mars, should hit theaters across the country on March 14.

Are you a fan of Kristen Bell? What do you think about all of the sex-related information she shared during a recent interview with Conan O’Brien?