Diabetes Drug You Swallow: Gliclazide Now Available in China

Chinese RX company Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co. on Wednesday announced that they have receive a production license for a new anti-diabetic drug called Gliclazide.

Gliclazide is an oral anti-diabetic drug used that can be taken by patients to help control their hyperglycemia. According to the company the drug can help users who have failed to reduce their blood sugar content after creating a proper dietary regime and exercise program.

The company also says that the oral drug can be used in cases for which certain users are unable to take part in traditional insulin treatments.

At this time the drug has been approved by China’s State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) and India where it is marketed as Glyloc and Reclide as well as Canada where it is known as Diamicron. The drug is not available at this time in the United States.