Extreme Weather in Boston, NYC, Philadelphia : Tornado Watches in Effect [Video]

This year’s wild weather has seen tornadoes ravage the south and the mid-west, followed by unseasonably warm temperatures across many of the states over the past week. The wild weather took another crazy turn today, with tornado watches being issued for much of the East Coast, from Maine all the way down to Pennsylvania.

A tornado touched down in western Massachusetts (video below) just hours ago, with widespread damage being reported in Hampden and Springfield, Massachusetts, the state’s third largest city. The bad weather in the Boston area and the east coast is expected to continue until around 8 PM EDT.

A tornado watch means that the conditions in the atmosphere are favorable for the formation of a tornado, although this does not necessarily mean that a tornado will touch down. If you’re in the watch area, stay tuned to your local weather station for updates. According to the National Weather Service, 70 mph wind gusts and hail measuring 2 inches in diamater is possible.