Anna Kendrick Admits Her Girl Crush On Blake Lively

Anna Kendrick is big on Blake Lively.

The 28-year-old actress, who co-stars in the upcoming movie The Voices with Blake’s husband Ryan Reynolds, said she is a huge fan of Lively.

Anna Kendrick even admitted that she takes her fashion cues from Blake — or at least tries to.

“She’s just heaven! She’s so kind and so stylish,” Kendrick said this week at the Sundance Film Festival. “Every time I would see her wear a new nail polish color, I’d be like, ‘I’m going to wear green nail polish like her!’ But then, damn, it doesn’t make me look like Blake Lively. So close!”

Kendrick said she’s also pretty fond of Ryan Reynolds too, calling him “an absolute dream to work with.”

“He’s so talented and he’s playing a really odd character,” she said.

The Hollywood stars have gotten close in recent months thanks to their work on The Voices. Over the summer Anna Kendrick, Ryan Reynolds, and fellow co-star Gemma Arterton were spotted having a friendly dinner together in Berlin while the movie was filming in Germany.

Along with some other members of the cast and crew, Kendrick and Reynolds were seen outside of a local restaurant. Photographers captured them as they shared a friendly hug before parting ways.

They may have gotten a chance to bond and take a break from the heavy subject matter of the film. According to IMDB, the movie follows “disturbed factory worker who hears advice from his pet dog and cat is implicated in the accidental death of his co-worker.”

While Anna Kendrick has wrapped up her work with Ryan Reynolds, this week she embarked on another project. Joining a host of other stars including Kristen Bell and Topher Grace, she sat in on a reading of the American Pie script. In a bit of a gender twist, Anna played the role of crude jock-boy Steve Stifler.