January 22, 2014
March For Life 2014: Thousands Brave Freezing Temperatures To Protest Abortion

The March for Life 2014 drew thousands, who braved the freezing temperatures to express their opposition to abortion on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

The 41st March for Life, held on each year since the momentous decision by the Supreme Court to legalize abortion, was once again attended by thousands, but this time they had one of the biggest winter storms to contend with, however, this didn't stop any of the many young people attending the event.

Not even snow and single digit temperatures could stop hundreds of thousands to participate in the March for Life 2014.

The world's largest anti-abortion rally even had one very famous person's support. Pope Francis sent this tweet to those marching in Washington, D.C.:

For many of the young marchers, abortion has been legal all of their lives, as the Supreme Court ruling came 41-years-ago today.

Organizers have worked hard to erase the gruesome images of aborted fetuses and angry speeches seen at past Marches for Life. There was none of that on Wednesday.

Most of those marching are Catholics, however, the event closed with a speech from a very well-known non-Catholic, evangelical leader James Dobson, who was accompanied by his adopted son.

The theme this year was adoption, a clear effort to include this group of moms. Signs at the March for Life 2014 were not confrontational for the most part and marchers were well behaved, no clashes were reported.

The White House issued a statement Wednesday supporting a woman's right to an abortion and vowing to work harder to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies.

Abortion is a hot-button issue and a central piece of any political campaign, especially in Presidential election years, but many of those attending the March for Life 2014 were not thinking about politics today.

"The amazing thing is, they aren't there because they're mad at the government, they're there out of love, sacrificing themselves in the cold out of love." Kathryn Brown, 20, who was attending with students from Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.

In recent years state legislatures have started to place restrictions on abortions, which according to Planned Parenthood affects more than half of women of reproductive age.

Organizers of the March for Life 2014 used all the social media tools at their disposal creating a March For Life app — and a Facebook "virtual march" where people who couldn't make it to the event could show support.