Real Housewife Joyce Giraud Was Home Invasion Victim

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Joyce Giraud is packing heat after an attempted home invasion.

Giraud, a former Miss Puerto Rico, is an actresss and model who joined the cast of the Bravo reality franchise in its fourth season of the Beverly Hills version and has been recently feuding with Brandi Glanville.

This week’s episode featured Giraud and her husband Michael Ohoven going to a shooting range where the instructor chastized her for pointing the gun in his direction rather than at the target.

Giraud discussed the home invasion on her blog in which she also revealed that prior to going to the range she’s only fired guns for movie roles:

“I am not entirely pro-gun, and I was always against having one in the house until we had to experience a real scare. A couple of years ago, we lived in a home that was in a private, very ‘safe’ Beverly Hills area — or so I thought. On a Sunday night at 9 pm two guys were coming up to our home with ski masks and shot guns. It was frightening! I was lucky that my husband became my ‘King Kong’ and larger than life, thumping his chest in front of the robbers, yelling ‘Get the f— out of my house.’ My dog who is trained to attack, broke the window with her head. We always say that the robbers were probably more scared of the dog than anything else, and luckily they never entered the house.”

After the incident, Giraud claimed she planted machetes, pepper spray, and bats at strategic locations around their home.

She added that she hopes that using a gun will never become necessary: “Now that my husband installed an insane alarm system in our new home, I hope I will never have to use the gun. But I do want to feel protected, because if anyone was to mess with my babies that’s the moment when I would become Lara Croft and do whatever needs to be done.”

What do you think of Real Housewife Joyce Giraud’s claim that there was an attempted home invasion at her Beverly Hills residence?