Maria Bartiromo Joining Fox Business Network Next Week

Maria Bartiromo, the well-known interviewer who was at CNBC for 20 years, announced that she has taken a job at the Fox Business Network. Even though it was not an unexpected move in Bartiromo’s career, it could only be announced officially on Wednesday due to “contractual concerns.”

Fortunately for her, there will be some familiar faces at Fox for Maria Bartiromo as she reunites with her old boss Roger Ailes, who worked at CNBC in the 1990s. Bartiromo will reportedly host two shows on the network, the first being the weekday program Market Hours, and the second a Sunday morning slot on Fox News.

The weekday show will be familiar territory for Bartiromo as the Market Hours show is similar to the Closing Bell show from back at CNBC. According to most reports, she will enjoy a smaller audience than she did on Closing Bell, but Ailes intends to change all that.

No one knows yet what the new Sunday morning show will be called, but it will naturally focus on the week’s business matters. She will have a massive audience on Fox News in the morning with around a million viewers tuning in.

Alies revealed in a recent interview that he and Maria Bartiromo has spoke casually about her joining Fox: “I finally decided that she’d be terrific in our lineup, and it happened to fit her timing and her contract. And she’ll be seen on Fox News. She’s a star, and she’ll do some fill-in anchoring.”


He added in a statement released today: “I tapped Maria to report live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange while at CNBC, and I am delighted to have her join me once again alongside our star lineup at Fox Business.