April 16, 2017
Oscar Pistorius Attempts To Settle With Reeva Steenkamp's Parents

Oscar Pistorius is reportedly trying to reach a settlement with his former girlfriend's parents. The 27-year-old Paralympic athlete is accused of shooting and killing Reeva Steenkamp In February, 2013. As he awaits criminal trial, Pistorius is trying to avoid a civil lawsuit by settling with the victim's parents.

On Feburary 14, 2013, Steenkamp was using a restroom inside Pistorius' home. At some point, the athlete approached the locked door and fired four shots. Three of the shots penetrated the door and killed the woman inside.

The following day Pistorius was arrested and charged with murder. Although he admits shooting his former girlfriend, he said it was a horrific accident. The athlete said he was startled awake by a loud noise, which came from the restroom. Assuming someone had broken into his home, he got his gun and fired several shots through the locked door.

Prosecutors believe Steenkamp locked herself in the restroom following a domestic dispute. They said Pistorius likely shot through the locked door in a fit of rage. At least one witness reported hearing a woman screaming inside the home before the shots were fired.

Oscar Pistorius was indicted on two counts of murder and unlawful possession of ammunition. He will also be charged with reckless use of a firearm.

The athlete is currently out on bond. His criminal trial will begin on March 3 and is expected to last around three weeks. If found guilty, Pistorius could be sentenced to life.

Following their daughter's tragic death, Barry and June Steenkamp have tried to avoid the spotlight. However, with the criminal trial set to begin that may turn out to be difficult.

As reported by Sowetan Live, the Steenkamps believe they deserve financial compensation from their daughter's accused killer. They are currently prepared to file a civil lawsuit, but they would prefer to settle out of court.

Attorney Dup de Bruyn said Pistorius offered the couple a settlement and they are currently in the process of negotiation. KMBZ News reports that the settlement offer is currently between $185,000 and $275,000.

As they approach the anniversary of their daughter's death, the Steenkamps have to decide on an amount they believe is fair. In addition to the loss of their beloved daughter, they have suffered through numerous hearings, a media circus, loss of their privacy, and a lack of income. Although the couple recently purchased a pub, they still struggle to make ends meet.

Oscar Pistorius is adamant that he has suffered as well. He has not only mourned the loss of his girlfriend, he is also being accused of her murder.

[Image via Wikimedia]