Photobucket to Power Native Twitter Photo Sharing, MMS Coming Soon

Photobucket is powering Twitter’s native photo-sharing capabilities, so users can easily upload and share images in pics.

Twitter didn’t get into details in the post on their blog announcing the partnership, but says you’ll be able to upload pics directly from Twitter and mobile apps. Capabilities to directly send photo texts (MMS) are also in the works, but no EDD was cited for that cool new feature.

Photobucket reports that as of now they have “100 million users and more than eight billion uploads” on the service, drawing on their size to assure users the new photo-sharing capabilities will work steadily for the microblogging site- as we all know, Twitter goes down more often than your girlfriend when you’re out of town. (Burn.)

Photobucket’s CEO Tom Munro commented:

“Photobucket is the category leader with regard to reliability, size, offerings and scalability, and we are ready and able to best serve the growing number of Twitter users. Photobucket extends and enriches the Twitter experience, and we look forward to building on this collaboration with Twitter to better serve the needs of our joint audiences. This partnership is just one example of how companies can easily build upon the Photobucket platform to extend their brand vision and product offerings.”

Will this feature make your Twitter experience easier? Are you looking forward to it?