Arizona State Fraternity: ‘It Was Just A Raucous, Racist Rally’

An Arizona State fraternity is under investigation after being accused of hosting a racist party coinciding with Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter even wore racist costumes, poking fun at African-Americans.

Officials from the University met yesterday with fraternity reps regarding the party.

Sharon Keeler, a spokesperson from the ASU said: “ASU has suspended chapter operations, can and will take additional action against the individuals involved, and is meeting with the national TKE organization today to take further action,”

She referred to “misguided individuals” who purposely arranged the “celebration” for MLK Day: “It is unfortunate that a few misguided individuals held an offensive party at a time when ASU, the state and the nation are celebrating Dr. King’s achievements and legacy.”

Alex Baked, from the national fraternity organization, said it would take action against the perpetrators of the offensive party:


“Tau Kappa Epsilon does not condone or support any actions by its members that would be defined as racist, discriminatory, and/or offensive,” Baker said in a statement. “It is with embarrassment and regret when a few individuals within our organization make decisions that do not align with the values and principles of Tau Kappa Epsilon.”

A well-known civil rights activist from Arizona, Rev. Jarrett Maupin said the party was more than just offensive: “It was just a raucous, racist rally, and they used Dr. King’s holiday as a mask for racial villainy and harassment.”

Rev. Maupin is so outraged that he is calling on the University to show no mercy and immediately expel any students who organized, or were at the party.

As well as the current allegations of racism, the Arizona local chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon has been in trouble before for “dangerous hazing practices.” Back in 2012 the University of Arizona stripped the fraternity of recognition for those serious hazing allegations.