The Last of Us: Left Behind Trailer Shows new Gameplay.

The Last of Us: Left Behind received a new trailer today as well as details on new game play. A developer and actor interview was revealed in addition to the opening cinematic of the game on the PlayStation Blog.

Left Behind is the first major story downloadable content for The Last of Us, the story of Joel and Ellie and their trek across a world ravaged by the Cordyceps fungi. The new DLC tells a story that was alluded to during the opening moments of The Last of Us in which Ellie and her best friend Riley set into motion the events that lead up to Joel and Ellie making their long trek from Boston to Nevada.

Readers of the comic series, The Last of Us: American Dreams will recognize Riley’s character from the 4 part series from Dark Horse comics. The series focused on the two girls during their younger days in the Boston quarantine zone. The DLC will further that story as well as add “intriguing new wrinkles” to the relationship between Joel and Ellie in the main story campaign.

For gamers who have finished The Last of Us they will already know how the story ends in Left Behind but the journey to that ending should prove enlightening as well as introduce a new dynamic to the 3rd person combat which developer Naughty Dog has become known for.

In the main story of The Last of Us, players would face off against either humans or the zombie-like infected. In Left Behind players will face situations where both the infected and humans will be fighting each other as well as our two heroines. In videos, lead game designer Jacob Minkoff speaks of how players can do things like throw a brick or bottle to start a fight between the two enemies adding a new layer of combat strategy to the already tense fight scenes. However the DLC will focus more on exploration and non-combat gameplay as the two girls explore an abandoned mall with a very creepy looking carousel.

The Last of Us: Left Behind will release on the PlayStation Network on Feb 14, 2014.