Lebron James Scores WWE Championship Belt From The Rock

Lebron James scores a lot of points. But this time, Lebron James scored a childhood dream. Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, recently gave James his WWE Championship belt. Lebron posted his thank you via Instagram. He wrote a sweet little thank you note as well.

Special thanks to @therock for making my childhood dream come true! U have no idea how many couches and old mattresses I jumped off thinking I was one of y’all! U, Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Legion of Doom, Goldberg and The Undertaker I could watch all day plus many more! I feel like a little kid again. Thanks again Champ! #CanUSmell #StriveForGreatness

Like millions of other Rock fans, Lebron dreamed of being the WWE World Champion. Unfortunately, he decided to pursue a career in professional basketball so his dreams never came true – although he’s not likely to be complaining too much now. On December 29, the day before his birthday, Lebron James took to Twitter to express his desire to his followers; he was turning 29, and had yet to get his hands on a real WWE belt. Sure, he had probably owned a fake one like most boys that grew up watching wrestling. But now, it was time for King James to get his hands on the real deal.

The Rock heard his cries for help and came to the rescue.

So what is your best birthday present ever?