Kristen Bell Hates Veronica Mars’… Bust

Kristen Bell hates Veronica Mars. Well, her bust anyway.

Kristen Bell stopped by The Conan Show last night to dish about her current slate of movie and TV projects, including Frozen, Veronica Mars and Showtime’s House of Lies. After briefly discussing the Frozen action figure based on the character she voiced, Conan pulled out a second figure – much to her horror. The figure in question was a bust based on Veronica Mars, the iconic teen sleuth Bell made famous, that she described as simply, “The Worst!”

“It’s corpse makeup, first of all. I’ve got a choker on…those are not my boobs, you guys,” Bell intimated as she mimed the pose for the audience. “This is about the ugliest representation I could ever draw of myself.”

Even Conan was caught off guard with how little the action figure resembled her when propped up next to it’s inspiration. “Look at the face!” Conan cried out. “It looks like Jared Leto!”

After all was said and done however, Kristen Bell admits that regardless of how it turned out, she is still somewhat responsible for the bust’s look.

“They scanned me for this, so unfortunately this is exactly what I looked like on that day.” she copped to Conan. “I have to take full responsibility for this.”

Following the brief exchange over the bust, Bell also talked about her other current gig as the crafty consultant Jeannie Van Der Hooven on Showtime’s sexy hit dramedy House of Lies. Kristen introduced a clip of the show, guest-starring, interestingly enough, one of her Veronica Mars co-stars, Ryan Hansen. Hansen plays the role of pseudo-boyfriend for the episode.

The pair will go from sharing the small screen to sharing the big screen soon enough. The Veronica Mars movie made history on the crowd funded web site Kickstarter as it drew the most backers in the site’s short history.

According to E!Online, “Bell’s title character returns to her hometown, Neptune, to help her ex-boyfriend Logan (Jason Dohring) who has been charged with murder.”

And not to be outdone by her notoriously mismatched bust, Conan also brought up an equally hilarious “Future Tweet” showing a noticeably larger Bell in the photo. Conan also joined in displaying his own future tweet photo from his account.

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